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Teacup care tips

Teacup care tips:

1. Please do a simple cleaning before the first use. It is recommended to use a soft cleaning cloth to gently wipe it, and then wash it with hot water for several times before it can be used.

2. Rinse the teacup with hot water every day after using it, and then place it to air dry or wipe it with a special cleaning cloth.

3. If there are stains or peculiar smells in the teacup after long-term use, it is recommended to try using baking soda, or add salt to the water and wipe it with a scouring pad dipped in water.


1. Avoid leaving tea, coffee, juice, etc. in the teacup overnight, or deliberately not washing it after use.

2  Do not wipe the cup with a steel ball or some polishing cloth with fine emery particles, because it is easy to damage the surface of the cup.