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How to Select Tea Sets

How to Select Tea Sets

Drinking tea is pleasant, allowing us to temporarily take a break in the busy time, have fun on the trip, and enjoy a quiet moment when feeling agitated ... but it's hard to drink tea anywhere and anytime. In fact, only an appropriate tea sets is needed, and this desire can be achieved.

Tea sets in the family

For tea lovers, having a tea house could not be better. The family dedicated tea room is just a place which is decorated according to their personal preferences. Green plants, small table and chairs are indispensable, and the most important is tea sets. Household appliances are simple, such as teapot, tea cup, electric teapot, fair cup, and filter. But if you want your tea world more charming, you can prepare such things: tea tray, tureen, tea towel, and tea props. These tea props placed in the right place could add some elegance to the sweet family. In the afternoon at leisure time, making a pot of tea for families, without saying much, brings affection flowing in the air.

Tea sets in the office

Office is a place foil of high pressure, and making a cup of tea is so refreshing. It could make you feel comfortable, increase spirit, and improve work efficiency. Making tea in the office mainly needs cup, and purple sand cup or glass can also be ok. Or choose a convenient cup that is beautiful and stylish, easy to operate, suitable for making a variety of tea and for using in a trip.

More supplies

To create a culture of tea, tea pet and pot kept pen are essential, plus dried flowers, small floral and green plants.

About Tea Sets

In theory, all one needs to make and enjoy tea is a teapot and a cup. This concept is far too minimalist for something as rich and sensuous as the tea ceremony. However, A full tea set consists of a tray, teapot, utensils, and cups. A kettle is also desirable, but is the only item not included in traditional sets, which are sold far and wide in teashop and teahouse alike, some expensive enough to make a millionaire hesitate, most costing less. Buy from, it is very affordable price, the absolute value for money!

The largest item in the set is the tea tray. Yours should be made of wood. They are ail slatted and hollow, to allow for the inevitable spillage entailed in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, other than that, the range and breadth of design is staggering. Most impressive are the massive, single piece wooden tea tables one finds in better teashops and houses. Equipped with their own tubing and drain, they are as unique in shape and color as the tree trunks from which they're hewn. Clay figurines such as frogs with coins in their mouths and jolly buddhas make for fun tea tray adornments.

And will be found wherever tea sets here. Traditionally, excess tea and water is poured on them for propitiation and to attract luck. Little refreshes a tired, dehydrated body more than tea, yet quaffing is frowned upon in the context of appreciation.

In the best oriental spirit of "less is more", the vintage tea cup is capacious enough for only two or three swallows. Yet the delicate little cups are infinite in make and manufacture, patterned and plain, shiny and flat, glowing porcelain or simple glass, Whatever their style, one feature they all share is a lack of handle. This can lead to a little unnecessary spillage on the part of the novice Westerner. Keep in mind that holding such cups is a matter of using fingertips skillfully and a relaxed balance, rather than nervous gripping.

Then there is the teapot. Such is its universal stature that the great ceramic masters spared their best efforts and won reputations turning them out. Some have been encrusted with diamonds and gold, to be sold in the finest auction houses. Yet for all the pomp, the pragmatic principles of tea drinking bear out: the only choice is clay, Yixing clay.

You may certainly use another kind of teapot, but you may also find it difficult to explain why, knowing how perfectly yixing clay suits the preparation of tea, heaven-made vessel in which to marry leaf and water. Yixing clay also takes light buff and cinnabar hues. Its profound, peaceful colors, however, are the least of its virtues.

Chief among them is the wonderful porous quality it possesses, perfect for retaining tea's flavor, to the extent that old pots are known for the power to produce tea out of no more than hot water in an empty one! They also retain heat more efficiently than any man-made substance, and boast high resistance to shrinkage during the firing process. This allows a skilled potter to fashion a lid of supremely close fit, inhibiting oxidation of the tea and thus augmenting its flavor.

Teacups vary in their surface and material but the yixing teapot can boast endless diversity of shape. Some pots seem to have sprung from rock or wood, while others are conceived in the likeness of animals. Abstract pots, ornate pots, whimsical and form-is-function pots, an endless parade has been and continues to be turned out, limited only by the imagination and skill of the artisan. The range of varieties that are arranged for sale on, is akin to appreciating fine paintings at a museum. Like their beneficiary, tea; yixing pots are delicate yet immutable, and when handIed respectfully will outlive your use for them, to be passed along as a legacy to favored heirs.

Having selected a pot, utensils are next up for acquisition, a wooden scoop and tongs. The former is for transferring tea from container to pot, lest even the minutest taint on the fingers mar its flavor. The latter are for handling hot cups during their rinsing. Small pitchers, also necessary for a complete ceremony, humble glass more than suitable, as the pitcher is only for pouring.

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